Our Confections

Our confections are handmade with the finest ingredients. Locally sourced when possible, they highlight the flavors and spirit of California.

Caffe Latte Caramel

Cream infused with locally roasted coffee gives this caramel a luscious latte flavor.

Mexican Chocolate Caramel

Cinnamon and ancho chili powder adds a slightly spicy and smokey note to this chocolate caramel.

Roasted Almond Caramel

Almonds from California’s Central Valley are lightly roasted and caramelized for extra crunch before they are folded into our golden caramel.

Turmeric & Coriander Caramel

Turmeric and coriander infuse this caramel with a delicious lemony-citrus flavor and bright yellow color.

Whiskey’d Up Caramel

Locally crafted Stagecoach Whiskey, a true American whiskey, adds smooth notes of vanilla and spice to our golden caramel.

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