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Our confections are handmade with the finest ingredients. Locally sourced when possible, they highlight the flavors and spirit of California.

Amaro Praline

We’ve added locally produced Amaro liquor to a nut praline for a delightful flavor that blends notes of bittersweet orange peel with the subtle nuttiness of roasted almonds.

Crunchy Hazelnut Praline

A hazelnut and milk chocolate praline with an irresistibly satisfying crunch, generously embraced by rich, dark chocolate. The perfect balance of textures and flavors.

Crunchy Pistachio Praline

This crunchy pistachio praline, made with organic pistachios from the Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, and enclosed in a white chocolate shell, is like the creamiest pistachio ice cream you ever had.

Orange Jasmin Soft Caramel

Crafted with the finest Ojai oranges and delicately infused with jasmine, this soft caramel, surrounded by a rich dark chocolate shell, is like a big bite of sunshine.

Chocolate Ganache

This ganache is the perfect blend of dark and milk chocolate. Enrobed with our custom dark chocolate, it is a heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate overdose.

Mocha Hazelnut Ganache

A firm ganache meticulously crafted from roasted hazelnuts, infused with the rich flavor of medium roast organic coffee from Joshua Tree Coffee, and enrobed in dark chocolate.

Whiskey’d Up Caramel

Locally crafted Stagecoach Whiskey infuses smooth vanilla and spice into our golden caramel and melts all your worries away.

Turmeric & Coriander Caramel

Vibrant turmeric infuses our caramel with a brilliant yellow hue, while Middle Eastern coriander seeds adds a citrus twist for a truly exotic flavor.

Roasted Almond Caramel

Roasted almonds from the Central Valley, golden caramel, and dark chocolate unite in a nutty, chewy, and rich confection that embodies the essence of California.

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